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"Human Universal being "

Lalita Shivani Book

Human being is an extension of nature, and our health is directly related to how we interact with this nature. There is Goddess Mother Nature - female aspect of energy and God or Spirit - male aspect or Father - Creator.  

The Five Elements are present in us and our body's, in nature, in food. Maintaining Health means maintaining ecology and harmony both within oneself, one's body and organism, and with the surrounding world and Nature around, which consists of the same five Elements as our bodies.

Live in harmony with yourself and the world around you. How to find harmony and purpose of your harmonious life in Nature? Nature is primordial - It was created first - the first building in the World Creation. Without Nature, our existence would be impossible! All living beings, animals and we, humans, can be said to be born in the bosom of nature, which gave us the opportunity to sustain life here on earth.

The body is a Living Temple of Soul and Spirit!
Divine Nature — everything is present in It, and God the Father, as the Spirit, resides inside all living things and controls all living things, and also Mother Nature herself — our physical body, shell and all living things around, having a form or shell, an image!

In this book you will read about the Universe and our body as micro Cosmos inside us as a temple for our soul to travel true time and space for new experience . 

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