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Immersive Multimedia Art concerts - meditations:

“Cosmic Temple” and “Internal Awakening” are unique authentic concerts that combines cultures of different countries and generations together

with modern technologies and electronic music.

This is a combination of classical Indian music of various musical instruments, composed on the basis of Indian ragas (translated as the color of mood) with mantras with elements of modern electronic music created by composer Sattyananda from India, with international temple dance by artist Lalita Shivani from Russia under mesmerizing visual effects that

create sensations of flying in Universe.

We create a temple space on stage where music and dance as prayer and

an offering of energy for healing through creativity & Art.

Performance can be 60 or 90 minutes.

Concerts have been performed from 2016 in different countries like India, Russia, Bali, and tours around Europe. Participation in festivals, concerts, cultural and charity events is possible without any age limit.

Presentation of Cosmic Temple Immersive Multimedia meditation
The performance-meditation is an authentic mantra from the Upanishads
"Shanti mantra" is the mantra of peace and harmony.
Indian classical music, electronic music + multimedia projection from the
composer Sattyananda from India + international temple dance by Lalita Shivani from Russia.
We create a mystery of the temple on the stage.
Music. Film . Multimedia - Sattyananda
Dance and design - Lalita Shivani
Audio Aashram

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