Immersive multimedia performance:
"Cosmic connection" and "International awakening".
This is a unique authentic program, that combines several
cultures of different generations and
modern technologies.
This performance is a combination of classical
indian music with elements of modern electronic
music by Satyananda,
along with a international temple dance
by Lalita Shivani with amazing visual effects
creating sensations of flight in Cosmos.
We are creating temple space on the stage.

Presentation of Cosmic Temple Immersive Multimedia meditation
The performance-meditation is an authentic mantra from the Upanishads
"Shanti mantra" is the mantra of peace and harmony.
Indian classical music, electronic music + multimedia projection from the
composer Sattyananda from India + international temple dance by Lalita Shivani from Russia.
We create a mystery of the temple on the stage.
Music. Film . Multimedia - Sattyananda
Dance and design - Lalita Shivani
Manufactured by Audio Aashram

 Всё творчество сотворено с любовью во благо!

ૐAll art made with lots of love & pleasure. ૐ

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