"Shiva Shakti"
Dance Meditation

"Shiva Shakti" dance meditation

The workshop is a duration of 1.5 hours working through the union of breath with different dance styles. The music for the workshop is a combination of ancient indian classical music and modern electronic atmospheres which is specially create by Sattyananda.

Shakti (शक्ति , power, energy) - Goddess, the wife of Shiv., the female creative power, the manifested world, Mother Nature.

Shiva (शिव , merciful) - God, personifies cosmic consciousness, the static male principle of the Universe (Purusha). Dance is a form of communication, it is a story of your life, your experiences, expressed through emotional movements. Dance is an ancient practice which has no beginning - it exists at all times, in all living beings. Dance is the dialogue of souls experiencing deep feelings, Lets pray through dance, heal our self and celebrate life in the moment.