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    "Shiva Shakti" &
"Divine Dance of Shakti

Dance Meditations

 dance meditations

The workshop is a duration around 90 min. working through the union of breath with different dance styles & body movements based on various practises of yoga, meditation, tantra, sound healing, chanting mantras which Lalita learning & practicing more then 15 years by living in India.

The music specially created for the workshop is a combination of ancient indian classical music and modern electronic sounds by composer Sattyananda from India.

Shakti (शक्ति , power, energy) - Goddess, the wife of Shiv., the female creative power, the manifested world, Mother Nature.

Shiva (शिव , merciful) - God, personifies cosmic consciousness, the static male principle of the Universe (Purusha). Dance is a form of communication, it is a story of your life, your experiences, expressed through emotional movements. Dance is an ancient practice which has no beginning - it exists at all times, in all living beings. Dance is the dialogue of souls experiencing deep feelings. Lets pray through dance, heal our self, release suppress emotions and celebrate life in the present moment with positive vibrations.

Dance your self, dance your life truly!

    "Shamanic journey"
sound meditation with drum

"Shamanic Journey"

"Shamanic Journeys" - it is a practice around 40 minutes, which allows you to get answers and hints to exciting questions by immersing yourself in your inner world of intuition and subconsciousness with the help of drum.


The drum helps to plunge into the inner world of the subconscious into a trance state, where through the heart, body and intuition, and not the prudent mind, you will receive answers to exciting questions through sensations and visual symbols.


This is a way to open your inner strength to solve your life tasks, access to intuitive knowledge and resources necessary to solve the issues we face, to gain health and increase vitality, to get tips in solving important issues.

All answers are within us, the main thing for us is to connect with this inner source in a safe atmosphere.

Shamanic Journeys is an immersive practise that invites you to explore deeper realms of your inner world through ancient shamanic rhythms. The Shamanic Drum is used to stimulate your subconscious being leading you into a sacred space within where guided by your intuition you are able to find ways of breaking out of old energy patterns and creating new channels for your energy flow.


You will need to lie down comfortably, close your eyes and relax, following my voice and sound, I, as a guide will help you connect with your source of inner knowledge.


All my practices come together as Art therapy, because dance, music, singing, and poetry - all this heals and harmonizes a person and is used to heal and harmonize the soul, body and mind at all times.

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