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Lalita Shivani

  all life dancer  

Dance for me personally is the highest form of enjoyment of the Soul in the body. The feeling that we are alive gives us feelings!

When I dance, I feel that I am alive, I feel life and energy in my body. The Body, Spirit and Soul-consciousness is awakened in the moment and this gives me the fullness of this life, this form with the expression of feelings through movements - this is my freedom of self-expression, something that cannot be described in words. Breathing, movement, meditation, trance, freedom of self-expression without restraint and self-restraint, complete freedom of movement, enjoyment of freedom of movement.

It is a blessing to feel my body flexible and healthy, to be able to perform various movements, blood and oxygen circulate, my heart beats and I breathe consciously, enjoying every sip of a new breath and letting go of trust and relaxation with exhalation. Energy passes through every cell, every cell sings and she wants to be heard, wants to express the depth of feelings, exploding emotionally. No one forced me to dance, I myself chose this practice from childhood from the age of 5. We have more than 30 years of experience in dance of different styles, practice and performances 🙏

Dance has healed me and continues to heal my emotions, body and Soul.

I have created my own author's dance therapy and I will be happy to help those who wish to heal.


What is the most important thing in dance? The most important thing in dance is to enjoy it in the moment. Neither skill nor technique-all this is in the background. The most important thing is to experience a real feeling in the dance, to tell with your movement what you feel in the moment or want to live. Tell your emotions and feelings with your body. A dancer should first of all enjoy and live 100% what he feels and experiences inside, then such a dance catches, attracts, attracts. It is as if we understand what the dancer is talking about and what he expresses with his movements, we feel and live emotionally with him.

To do this, you do not need to learn to dance, you need to be yourself, open up to the world in trust, remember yourself as a child, naive, sincere and wanting nothing but to be happy in the moment, celebrate life, rejoice. Joy increases immunity, improves health, increases positive thinking, and therefore the quality of life.

I invite you to heal through your dance, heal your body, emotions and thoughts, purify and free yourself from fears and stress, charge your cells with fresh positive energy, open up as a beautiful flower for the universe and our Creator. Dance is a conversation of Souls.

Shamanic dance is another effective technique. Dance stimulates the free flow of bioenergy, releases tension and draws strength from other levels of being. It can be directed to the healing and harmonization of relations between people. Shamans use dance to manifest in the Middle World a particle of the energy of their assistants and mentors from the Upper World, as well as to embody their dreams and visions in physical reality - what is called "waking up a dream with a dance".

The dance has two main goals: purification and a call to higher powers. The process of purification takes place simultaneously on the physical and non-physical level. This not only relieves bodily tension, but also releases emotional, mental and spiritual "jams", getting rid of unnecessary prohibitions and restrictions. As a result, after performing a shamanic dance, a person always experiences a surge of cheerfulness and good mood. The call to the spirit frees him from the shackles of material existence and opens the way to transition to other levels. In other words, shamanic dance is a kind of shamanic journey; it changes awareness and allows you to perceive other worlds.


Performing the dance of power, the shaman not only calls on the energy of the animal of power, which he met in an unusual reality, but also strives to become one with him in ordinary reality. The movement, inspired by the animal of power, forms a dance. By identifying with friendly energy and imitating the movements of a living being whose attributes this energy takes, sometimes even copying animal sounds, the shaman finds inner harmony.

The power dance performed in the state of ordinary awareness gives the shaman the opportunity to touch the source of power contained in the altered state of awareness. In other words, the dancer is in a "twilight" state, where both dimensions meet. For this reason, it is better to squint your eyes during the dance. to acquire "twilight" vision, which allows you to see what is hidden from the physical eyes.

The dance meditation "Shiva Shakti" was created by me more than 3 years ago and during this time has already been tested, so to speak, on many mostly women (and a little men) both in Russia and in Bali, in Europe, England and India. I created this practice not to teach people to dance the dances that I know how, but in order to help people heal through movement and dance, distract them from their daily routine, stress, depression, remove the burden of responsibility from themselves, be totally in the moment at least for these 1.5 hours of dance. Absolutely everyone opens up after some time, frees up, lets go of the past, goes beyond the usual stereotypes, lets go of the mind and plunges into the World of feelings with their heart. I am very grateful to the Creator for this gift and the opportunity to reveal women again as fragrant flowers, as they are, but in the hustle and bustle of life you have to close yourself and protect yourself from the harsh reality...

It's nice to see soft, flexible, joyful and satisfied with yourself and life women!

We have a bright present and future prosperity of our society on this Earth. 🙏

Quote from Lalita:

"Dance and music for me is a sacred and intimate action, a ceremony to purify the body, mind and soul, meditation-puja-an offering of energy, a connection with the Supreme. Times change, but prayer remains through centuries and generations. Our body is a temple-an instrument that needs to be properly tuned and maintained clean, so that it sounds beautiful and expresses its feelings, conducts vibrations, sounds, colors and shades of the entire universe. I am happy to help you unlock the potential of your body, your own unique style, beauty and individuality, heal your physical and subtle body, bring your body spirit and mind into balance. Let's live this life with ease and trust in the flow, beautifully and proudly dancing our fate story for our common Creator, regardless of the nation and religion, He is the One for everyone, He watches everyone and knows everything about everyone! Create your own dance of life, dance your life truthfully!"



Spiritual Poetry of Lalita Shivani

Create in the name of beauty

In the name of contemplation of your universe

Feel the harmony inside

How everything beautiful lives in the moment.

When life flows from within

By its inevitability, covering us

To hear in the depths of your silence

How God manifests Himself around Himself.

And from the Soul there is an invisible fire

The light of all the luminaries reflects itself

As in infinity You are mine

And I am yours and the Love is growing all the time.

It makes you want to sing and dance

Various stories and dramas

Pour out your story tell it in java

As I hear the music of Your I scale.

I wish you to find the trinity

God, the Goddess, and the Holy Spirit

To preserve the harmony of the world

Connect and listen to Unity.

Three Shaktis guard His world

Which everyone wants to get into

Who is pure in his intention

He will be able to get to the core of the Truth.



"Dance your life, dance your life beautifully!"

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