Lalita Shivani
Lalita Shivani

About me

Lalita Shivani - is an artist and creative person from Moscow Russia,
born on the 29th of march 1984. The flexible she have by nature,
from the age of 5 she began studying choreography and ballet, 
took part in competitions.
From 15 years old start write poetry and songs, but it is not all her talents..
At the age of 19 she started performing, participating in different
from filming clips for movies and music video,
take part in the shows as a model, 

to touring with her dance performances and collaborating with
various artists
across Russia and abroad, she also teaches dance and has devoted 10 years of her life. She has studied  belly dancing, modern, jazz modern, hip-hop, african and indian dances
along with balinese and sufi dances.

Lalita love to sing as well from childhood but seriously started
in 2009 in India where she began to study
Indian Vedic culture (Vedas, ayurveda,

yoga, nada yoga, meditation, sanskrit),
Indian temple dances Bharatnatyam, singing mantras

and bhajans in the classical Indian style of Dhrupad.
She has varied experience

as a backing vocalist and organiser of musical group with indian singer,
performed for 3 years around Russia.
For 1,5 year she live in Bali where she studied the balinese culture,
and learned temple dances and music.
Lalita is the author of the "Shiva Shakti" dance meditation a practise
for both
women's and men and “The Divine Dance of Shakti"
specially for women's only.

These practices of self-healing include collective singing of ancient sounds.
Along with an alignment of the body with the soul and mind, meditation,
stretching and yoga-dances to enable one to express their inner feelings through movement. Each session is for 1.5 hours and is performed
with music
specially composed for these meditations
by master and composer Sattyananda from India.
​She acting main role Tarini in Indian film "The Cloud Massenger"
by the talented movie director
Rahat Mahajan.
Lalita believes that dance has the power to heal and is a spiritual part
of the evolution of ones personality. Dance is the language
of communication
of souls and is the best way to express feelings
which are often
difficult for us to express in words.
At the present moment , she performs, sings and writes poetry,
songs and book, doing charity together with her partner Sattyananda.
She has been Traveling the world,
sharing her meditation workshops knowledge

and experience with others. Together with Sattyananda they continue
to give birth to projects related to music, dance  and light, and retreats.
One of the projects is the Immersive multimedia performance:
"Cosmic connection" and "Internal awakening".
This is a unique authentic program, that combines several cultures
of different generations and modern technologies! This performance is a combination
of classical indian music with elements
of modern electronic music, along with a international
temple dance by Lalita Shivani with amazing visual effects

creating sensations of flight in Cosmos.
Created in India the charitable organization in 2017. Doing meditations for people with different problems (blind children,
patients with the anthology, cancer, in the centers of rehabilitation and more). Also feeding poor children at the moment about 300 kids. Charity now takes a lot of time, but creativity with this work become more sincere,
cleaner and deeper.

A quote by Lalita:
"Dance and music for me are a sacred action,
a ceremony to purify the body,

mind and soul, meditation-puja - an offering of energy
for communication with
the Creator.
Times change, and prayer remains through centuries and generations 

- a tool that needs to be properly tuned and kept clean so that it sounds beautiful and expresses your feelings, conducts vibrations, sounds,
colors and shades of the whole universe.
I am happy to help you to unlock the potential of your body,
your own unique style, beauty and individual to heal your physical
and subtle
body, to bring the body spirit and mind balance and harmony.
Let's live this life with ease and trust in the flow,
beautifully and proudly dancing
your fate story
for our common Creator, regardless of nation and religion.

He is One for all, observes and knows everything about everyone!
Create your dance of life, dance your life truthfully! "