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Life is given to us to obtain a unique experience.

We are born in bodies only for a reason - a strong desire. 

Desire for self-expression!

The desire to express oneself, express one's feelings, manifest oneself as a person, supplement missing

lines in the poem "Life".

The Universe is unique and diverse with different sounds, colors and shades. Every living being

expresses his unique experiences and emotions in shades and sounds, thus adding new shades of being

to the Universal Creation.

The Universe is a liquid diamond - it shines with all tones and shades - it contains the entire palette,

all the colors of the rainbow.

And what do you express with your life?

What vibrations, sounds and colours

do you bring by your life to our Universe?


ૐ Performing from the ashram The Art of Living Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Bangalore, India on the beginning of Navratri - the spiritual festival of nine forms of the Goddess Durga. It was unforgettable in one day to meet Guru Ji, get his blessings and perform for him and all disciples with composer Sattyananda Official. Blessing to bring creativity to the spiritual leaders and spiritual devotees.

In honor of the Goddess Durga for a peace in all the world.

Hari Om Tat Sat! 🙏😇

Immersive Multimedia performance "Internal Awakening''.

The performance is a showcase of Ancient Mantras from Upanishads

"Shanti mantra" - mantra of  Peace and Harmony.

Indian classical music, Ambient electronic music + multimedia projections by Sattyananda + international temple dance by Lalita Shivani

Music . Film . Edit . Multimedia : Sattyananda

Performance & Design : Lalita Shivani

Produced by Audio Aashram

 Lalita Shivani       spiritual poetry

"Power of Woman"
Part 1.

Power of Shakti it is 10 poems, each one with graphic

and recorded my voice with Sattyananda music, so you can read and listen.

It is about Divine Nature in Woman, about Her spirit which in all forms. In sanskrit She is Shakti - Universal Energy, which has given the birth to everyone in this world.

All forms of life comes from Her Uterus - Yoni.

Thank you dear Maa for life and your love, thank you for our home Earth which you give to us with lots of food and beauty for joy in our lives and live with pleasure

Blessing to be a woman and have Mother Shakti in me.

Om Para Shakti Namaha ૐ

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 Lalita Shivani       spiritual poetry

"Power of Man"
Part 2.
to get more

Power of a Man - 10 verses in honor of God Shiva, that in every man I am releasing my second book of spiritual poetry "Power of a Man" - about the divine masculine principle.

You can download the book here:

The man is the ruler of energy. Energy is personified by a woman. He is like a pivot, foundation, support, Lingam is an unshakable rock. Our dear men are assigned to experience the role of creators, creators of their universe. The Creator chooses His Universe, His companion Shakti and with the help of Her - energy, begins to create. Together They create, She gives birth to Nature for him, gives manifestation to the souls that He leads through her, she endows them with form. I honor God the Father in every man!

Om Namah Shivaya ૐ

    "Shiva Shakti"
Dance Meditation

"Shiva Shakti" dance meditation

The workshop is a duration of around 80 min. working through the union of breath with different dance styles and movements. The music for the workshop is a combination of ancient indian classical music and modern electronic atmospheres which is specially create by artist and composer Sattyananda from India.

Shakti (शक्ति , power, energy) - Goddess, the wife of Shiv., the female creative power, the manifested world, Mother Nature.

Shiva (शिव , merciful) - God, personifies cosmic consciousness, the static male principle of the Universe (Purusha). Dance is a form of communication, it is a story of your life, your experiences, expressed through emotional movements. Dance is an ancient practice which has no beginning - it exists at all times, in all living beings. Dance is the dialogue of souls experiencing deep feelings, Lets pray through dance, heal our self and celebrate life in the moment.

    "Shamanic journey"
sound meditation with drum

"Shamanic Journey"

"Shamanic Journeys" - it is a practice around 40 minutes, which allows you to get answers and hints to exciting questions by immersing yourself in your inner world of intuition and subconsciousness with the help of drum.

The drum helps to plunge into the inner world of the subconscious into a trance state, where through the heart, body and intuition, and not the prudent mind, you will receive answers to exciting questions through sensations and visual symbols.


This is a way to open your inner strength to solve your life tasks, access to intuitive knowledge and resources necessary to solve the issues we face, to gain health and increase vitality, to get tips in solving important issues.

All answers are within us, the main thing for us is to connect with this inner source in a safe atmosphere.

Shamanic Journeys is an immersive practise that invites you to explore deeper realms of your inner world through ancient shamanic rhythms. The Shamanic Drum is used to stimulate your subconscious being leading you into a sacred space within where guided by your intuition you are able to find ways of breaking out of old energy patterns and creating new channels for your energy flow.


You will need to lie down comfortably, close your eyes and relax, following my voice and sound, I, as a guide will help you connect with your source of inner knowledge.

All my practices come together as Art therapy, because dance, music, singing, and poetry - all this heals and harmonizes a person and is used to heal and harmonize the soul, body and mind at all times.

"Human Universal being "

Lalita Shivani Book

Human being is an extension of nature, and our health is directly related to how we interact with this nature. There is Goddess Mother Nature - female aspect of energy and God or Spirit - male aspect or Father - Creator.  

The Five Elements are present in us and our body's, in nature, in food. Maintaining Health means maintaining ecology and harmony both within oneself, one's body and organism, and with the surrounding world and Nature around, which consists of the same five Elements as our bodies.

Live in harmony with yourself and the world around you. How to find harmony and purpose of your harmonious life in Nature? Nature is primordial - It was created first - the first building in the World Creation. Without Nature, our existence would be impossible! All living beings, animals and we, humans, can be said to be born in the bosom of nature, which gave us the opportunity to sustain life here on earth.

The body is a Living Temple of Soul and Spirit!
Divine Nature — everything is present in It, and God the Father, as the Spirit, resides inside all living things and controls all living things, and also Mother Nature herself — our physical body, shell and all living things around, having a form or shell, an image!

In this book you will read about the Universe and our body as micro Cosmos inside us as a temple for our soul to travel true time and space for new experience.

Coming soon in English language. 

Spiritual growth and development is no possible without serving the beings who really need help, without charity! To selflessly do good is to serve the Creator for the good others. 

A charitable organization "The Nada Yoga Foundation"  has been createt 2017 in India by founder Sattyananda.
May the Light of Love and Goodness flourish around the World!
Those who wish to support the charity program can leave donations on the site

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