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"Power of Shakti"
Part 1

Power of Shakti it is 9 poetry, each one with graphic design and recording by my voce with 

Satyananda music - you can read or listen.

It is about Divine Nature in Woman, about Her spirit which in all forms. In sanskrit She is Shakti - Universal Energy, which give the birth to everything in this world.

All forms of live comes from Her Uterus - Yoni.

Thank you dear Maa for life and your love, thank you for our home Earth which you give to us with a lots of food and beauty for joy our lives and live with pleaser

Blessing to be a woman and have Mother Shakti in me.

Om Para Shakti Namahaૐ

"Power of  Woman"
Part 1.

Lalita Shivani  Poetry

1. Giver of life.

I am a Mother, giving life

And I take it away

Knowing everything about everyone

Prospering the souls!

You can't grasp my love It's infinitely immense,

Versatile and doubtless

Penetrating into every flesh.

You breathe thus you are alive

And I'm within you in water-blood

Every jiva soul pass through me

To be born again for a new experience.

Making any of your wishes come true

For which you will be responsible

Step into life, implement your dreams

And see what results it will bring

For every wrong action

You will attract suffering. Don't complain!

You receive everything what you deserve

This is the fastest way to learn the truth

You will learn to respect me and value your life!

I wish only the best to you

And if you are on the right track

Then I will come to you through prosperity

But to deserve it fully

I will put you through harsh trials

If you handle it - I am yours, beloved and the only one,

Giving prosperity and all of me!

Lalita Shivani
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Lalita Shivani

"Power of Woman"

The book of spiritual poetry “Power of  Woman” by Lalita Sivani is about the Goddess Mother of the World, about the female form of God that is present in every woman.
The book is available in electronic form for download in russian and soon in english.

The book is very important and valuable information for every woman, for inspiration and awareness of who we are women and what kind of strength lies in us by nature and parents!
Give as a gift to friends, mothers and all women. Enjoy reading and dive deep into your feminine nature.
For the benefit and prosperity of our society and the World, in honor of our Universal Goddess of the Mother of the World.

Om Maha Shakti Namaha!
Ridero.ru  https://ridero.ru/books/sila_zhenshiny/
Amazon  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YX3NC7R/ref=nodl_

(moscowbooks.ru), Google Books (books.google.ru), Bookz.ru, Lib.aldebaran.ru, iknigi.net, Bookland.com.

Music video clip to 8 poetry from book «Power of Woman».

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