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Spiritual growth and development is no possible without serving the beings who really need help, without charity! To selflessly do good is to serve the Creator for the good others. In 2017 we created a charitable organization in India, "The Nada Yoga Foundation", the founder is composer, artist and producer, nada yogi Sattyananda - Nikhel Mahajan, a special thanks to him for my participation in this. We are doing charity as music and dance meditations for blind children, homeless children and teenagers, cancer patients.

One of the program it food charity or food seva - every day we feeding 400 kids from low-income families with a full lunch meal at the school time! As more sponsors will join us, the more kids we will be able to feed.
Honestly, I realise that nothing in the world so filled my soul and heart with love and peace, such silence after that, which is nowhere to be found as in a satisfied heart and mind. Neither performances for thousands of people, nor fame and recognition, career, etc. they don’t even compare - it is a completely different part of life, which as a vessel should be filled with such disinterested good deeds and then, conscience will not bite before the soul passes to the other worlds and we will doesn't feel bad our self, that we didn’t do anything left behind in the world after myself, but we guess we could...

Do not forget life is a gift! It will fly quickly and God gave us full and even more in order to share with others and to make others happy too, to exchange, and not to accumulate. After all, to the next world, apart from the memory of the experience of our actions, we will not be able to take anything with us!
May the Light of Love and Goodness flourish around the World!
Those who wish to support the charity program can leave donations on the site

If you want help and support our charity programs you can go to this links:

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