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Retreats with Lalita Shivani & Sattyananda.

Lets go  to theNature

We are going out from town with a group of people

to the clean, beautiful nature places around the world, for peaceful retreat to find our inner self for 3 (or 5--7) days.

Fresh air, pure water, organic detox food with aurveda, comfort accommodation, deep cleans practises,

lots of healing music.

We going to do different practices:

-- breath practice; -- yoga practice; 

-- nada yoga music meditations; -- immersive dance meditations; -- crystals & sound healing; 

-- talks about pure clean healthy life; -- learn how to cook healthy food and drinks; -- learn how we can pray and do ceremony according to Veda ancient knowledge.

Massages and hot bath with aroma therapy oils as a option. 

And of course going for a walk to the nature.

It will be in mountains, or near by ocean, or in jungle, or near by lake - only special places around the world.

This experience will change your life style and charge you,

all what you going to learn will help you to be strong, healthy and simply happy in life!

Possible seperet woman or man groups or together.

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